Press Releases

Let’s take a look to the experiments showed to the general public by the ISCR members during la Fête de la Science 2021, with the participation of Paola Matozzo 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

Do not miss the awesome presentations of some of our ESRs (Bibiana Fabri, Oliver G. Willis, Davide de Rosa, Andrea Taddeucci, Francesco Furlan and Stefano Cadeddu) during the European Researcher’s Night 2021! In live, from Pisa, on Friday 24th at 5:00 pm. Follow the event here ⏭

Do not miss the oportunity to participate into ChiralMat 2021 meeting! It will be held online on Tuesday 23th March and the inscription is free! Awesome speakers will cover a range of different topics, inc. synthesis, spectroscopy and optoelectronic devices 🌀 get more info here:

chiral molecules arranged like pasta as background for conference poster

Complete interview of Matthew Fuchter in Chemistry World magazine, about “introducing chirality to give organic electronics a twist”. Read it here

A nice lecture by Matthew Fuchter, coming from Imperial College, discussing about using molecules to develop materials and medicines. Enjoy!! 👨‍🔬 ⚗

Today, 11th of February, is the International Day of Women & Girls in Science👩‍🔬 These are the women involved on the HEL4CHIROLED project!