The research and training programme of HEL4CHIROLED-ITN offers the possibility to pursue the PhD within the network at different research centers. 15 early state researcher (ESR) positions are funded by the European Community under Horizon 2020.

HEL4CHIROLED-ITN will enhance the early state researchers career by providing a unique set of skills that they will exploit throughout their professional lives:

– Excellence in trans-disciplinary research, as well as in environmental, technical and social science, with a unique individual scientific profile.

– Capacity to effectively communicate science and to integrate the contrasting stakeholder perspectives.

– Transferable skills (creativity, problem solving, intercultural and team competence, leadership).

The individual research projects extension goes from the synthesis and design of the chiral molecular systems, to the conception of the optoelectronic devices. They are grouped in three thematics:

1. Molecular systems with optimized CPL and spin-selection properties.

2. Preparation of CPL active supramolecular and π-conjugated oligomers and polymers.

3. Conception and study of chiral optoelectronic devices.